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Under New Management

Good day,

I am Harish Rajpal, and I am pleased to announce that this site is now under new management. The site’s original owner, dancingwithknives, has decided to focus on his studies. Be assured he will be posting from time to time, but not in the same frequency as he used to.


— The blog is now a public blog, in where you may submit whatever you desire. A segment of your life, a story you need to share, an opinion you want to express.

— We’re looking for bloggers to submit articles which may correlate to anything: Video games, cuisine, etc. You do not have to be good in whatever you write, nor do you have to have the know-how behind your topic. IF you’re passionate, we’re interested. Please send all of your documents to dancingwithknives’ email address: He will contact you from there.

— Dancingwithknives’ posts will still be kept in the site.



Thank you for taking your time to read this. Again, I encourage anyone and everyone seeing this to try sending us your posts. It really does not matter whether you can blog properly or not. We would just like to let your voice be heard. We’d like everyone to give in a Different Perspective about this world we live in.

– Harish Rajpal


Hatin’ on the RH Bill… again.

The debate continues. Everyday I’m seeing more and more priests coming on TV talking out against it, and more and more politicians fighting for it during newscasts. The RH Bill dust still hasn’t settled and people are still pushing for it. Read the rest of this page »

A Very Special Post

And I’m back. After a long hiatus of several weeks and millions of nanoseconds later, I am back once again, to bring you random ass pots on subjects you care nothing about! Today’s May 19th, 2011 and as a special birthday release (yes, it’s my birthday) I’m proud to announce, the launching of my new Youtube channel! Well, it’s not that grand, but it’s a launching nonetheless. In a span of a few hours, I threw in a couple of pictures, wrote out a few words, and stuck in an epic soundtrack, and there you have it. My very first ProjectAmaranth Youtube video. Enjoy.

Oh yea, and my comic strip idea? It got scrapped and thrown in the trash. Literally. I’m too lazy to start over. Instead, in celebration of what matters (me), I hope you all enjoy today, tomorrow, but not the day after. Until next time.

While Christopher shamelessly advertises his other posts here, today he’ll make an exception. Heck, he’s already advertising his video.

‘Tis the season to rant about the heat.

Summer is typically the bitching period of Dubai. Everybody starts talking shit about the heat, turning up their air conditioning units while doing so. In the spirit of this fucked up burning heat, I had this idea Read the rest of this page »


A long time isn’t it? Yeah well, it gets like this every end of the term. Hectic, trying to do shit at the last minute. To keep you up-to-date: I’ve been doing a whole lotta papers for English, working on some papers for Philosophy, and am trying to record a video related to the RH Bill. It kind of sucks I have to refute it with a religious connotation though; however, for our sakes I’ll try to use logic and reasoning.

So last post was practically some heavy shit going on, and heck, I bet all of you got bored with all the crappy seriousness. Today’s post is kinda different from the rest, and I really hope you guys enjoy it.  Read the rest of this page »

The Reproductive Health (RH) Bill

A few years ago, 1998 to be exact, a bill was proposed. It claimed to help everyone know everything there is to know about family planning, to promote equality between men and women, and to put it bluntly, providing the country with reproductive healthcare. Read the rest of this page »

Do I bore you?

I sat in the jeepney, minutes away from departure. From Harrison Plaza we’d go to our community service site. Be assured I was excited and thoroughly ecstatic to be woken up at 5:30 in the morning and made to sit through a 1-2 hour drive, literally breathing in pollution every five seconds. Read the rest of this page »