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Do I bore you?

I sat in the jeepney, minutes away from departure. From Harrison Plaza we’d go to our community service site. Be assured I was excited and thoroughly ecstatic to be woken up at 5:30 in the morning and made to sit through a 1-2 hour drive, literally breathing in pollution every five seconds. What’s better yet, in front of me was a guy trying to escape the godforsaken jeepney, with his girlfriend holding him back. ‘5 minutes until we start leaving’  shouted out the driver. The girl became nuts! She started holding him, kissing him, telling him to not go. Fortunately he escaped, spouting out a shitload of sugar-coated words– I liked him better inside the jeepney… he didn’t say shit. The jeepney started to move. She outstretched her arm between the rails of the jeepney door, and screamed out really cheesy lines from pinoy soaps. ‘I’ll meet you again my love!’, ‘Nothing can keep us apart’, ‘wo0o0o0o0oo0o’

Is that what love is? Empty words flying through the air? You know, I initially wanted to post this earlier (it was as old as when I was bitching about the Internet) but, shit kept happening… back to the topic. The word, ‘love’ has been thrown around a lot. People have said it in movies so often that there always has to be a love scene– it usually involves a lot of kissing and shitloads of innuendoes.

Hollywood and their cheesy love scenes-- those motherfuckers


Last week (and a little bit of this week) has been immersed in Valentinvitis. We’ve been cashing out hundreds and hundreds of pesos for flowers, cards, teddy bears, or if you’re feeling a bit risqué, some anti-aging cream for that special someone.

Fuck you Seymour, I'm only 23...

 The cheesiness of love knows no bounds. You’ll play out every word, you’ll play out every line, until you’ve exhausted every single fucking cliché in the book. That’s our image of love today. Why not show the other side? The side in where it takes a shitload of work just to keep it up and running. In my opinion, that is true love– when the relationship grows, matures. Not some fucked up one in where all you do is exchange flowers, then spoon, then buy chocolates just to add a little ‘pizzaz’ then spoon again!

Valentine’s Day was an opportunity for that. To get away from your normal day-to-day routine and to really know each other, to help each other grow in the relationship. Well, as you can see, it’s now just a day in where we spend all of our hard-earned cash in crazy ass gimmicks, and usually spend the whole day spooning each other.

Cuz y'know, we don't have enough of those.

So to end my nonsensical rambling on a really shitty note, Happy belated Valentine’s Day– hope you couples did something worthwhile.

Think Valentine’s Day is the only day that’s messed up? Think again… here’s another stupid day we all scramble about for.  

One response

  1. Bea Waffles

    Valentines day shouldn’t be celebrated. It’s just a normal day of the year for shit’s sake.
    But I do think that many couples just follow the routine just to ‘fit in’ with today’s society. As a woman, it does feel awkward having couples exchanging gifts to each other. Hmm perhaps you just haven’t felt the valentines rush yet?

    September 23, 2011 at 4:10 am

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