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A long time isn’t it? Yeah well, it gets like this every end of the term. Hectic, trying to do shit at the last minute. To keep you up-to-date: I’ve been doing a whole lotta papers for English, working on some papers for Philosophy, and am trying to record a video related to the RH Bill. It kind of sucks I have to refute it with a religious connotation though; however, for our sakes I’ll try to use logic and reasoning.

So last post was practically some heavy shit going on, and heck, I bet all of you got bored with all the crappy seriousness. Today’s post is kinda different from the rest, and I really hope you guys enjoy it. 

One of my favourite past times is going into those ‘random chatroom’ sites and just annoying the perverts that lie around there. I guess it’s pretty stupid to think that you’ll get lucky on a random chat site, but they fucking go there anyway — pants down of course. Isn’t it more easier to watch porn? Anyways, I’ve dedicated 2 hours of my time, trolling one of interwebs’ most darkest corners (another one could be Rebecca Back’s videos) and have collected a few, unfunny conversations. They’ll be random, they’ll be fucked up, but not don’t worry: I’m sure they’re entertaining. If you guys like it, rate this post and subscribe, and ask for another one. If you don’t, well then… I’ll be sad ='( 

Stranger is the unknown person, I’m ‘You’. ‘Asl’ means ‘age, sex, location’ usually said by guys trying to get laid. m or f refers to your sexuaity (male or female) again, usualy uttered by dickwads who want to have sex.

The Invasion of Zorbak
You: We’re coming… 2012
Stranger: hi
Stranger: asl?
Stranger: so rape some 1
You: I am Zorbak, from the Fifth galaxy, way past Ursa Major
Stranger: its only an year left
Stranger: do any thing u want
You: We plan on enslaving you puny humans
You: and making you our slaves
You: with your stupid keyboards and crappy screens
Your conversational partner has disconnected
Couldn’t take a hint
Stranger: M
You: Do you have a penis?
Stranger: yesss i do lol
Stranger: goodbye?
You: I have also. You know what this means?
Stranger: we should fuck?
You: ew no wat the fuck man
You have disconnected.
You: hi
Stranger: hi
You: sup?
Stranger: a.s
You: I’m sorry is that a philosophical statement or did you smash your face to your keyboard?
Stranger: yes
You: no
Stranger: Where are you from ?
You: i dunno
You: you?
Stranger: famale male
Stranger: germany
Stranger: Give answer
You: male, bitch
Stranger: fuck
Stranger: bitch
You: lol u must be some small 10 year old
You: fuck?
You: bitch?
You: you just pwned yourself man
Your conversational partner has disconnected
A nice home
You: sure
You: you a dude?
Stranger: I am
Stranger: Yuppp
You: ‘kay
You: here’s some secks
You: -tosses secks in front of him-
You: take good care of it
Stranger: thats the best secks ive had in ages
Stranger: thanks for that
You: I hope she’l have a nice home :,)
You: bye now
You have disconnected.
Chubby chasers aren’t really that smart
Stranger: i love fat girls………
You: fat guy right here
You: w00t
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Failed attempt at spamming
You: if u had one tht is…
Stranger: U SUCK
Stranger: U SUCK
You: so does your mom
You: ask her what happened last night
Stranger: U FUCK
Stranger: U FUCK
Stranger: U FUCK
You: yep your mom did tht too
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
I guess he didn’t like his job…
 You: hello
Stranger: hi
Stranger: Indian F?
You: I’m actually a hermit from an ashram at the base of Anapoorna
You: I came to omegle to spread
You: greetings of joy and love
You: Namaste sirji. How was your day today?
Stranger: ok
Stranger: u r female
You: No sirji, I am male. We cannot have females in our group
You: but they can be devotees and help
Stranger: today is good
You: Good chid, keep a positive outlook on life!
You: Then one day may we all find moksha
You: How is your job?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Green eggs and spam
Stranger: hi
You: Would you like it in a bowl, where fishes swim and donkeys roll?
Stranger: m/f
You: or perhaps you’d like it as a meal, with plates of gold and spoons coloured teal?
You: or maybe you’d like them in a room, where bombs tick down, to your doom?
You: oh wait, I’ve got just the thing, maybe within a pie, while a blackbird sings?
Stranger: female? want to have sex?
You: No, I am Sam I am, would you like greeneggs and ham
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
It’s so weird I don’t really have a title for it
Stranger: any wild girl?
You: yeah… here!
Stranger: wild?
You: Oh yea, I live in the jungles of africa amongst the lions.
Stranger: age,location???///
You: I can ive on twigs, beans, and lots of glitter
You: I can live in caves for the heck of it!
You: FUCK! I even fought a beaqr once! He had HUGE TITTIES!
Your conversational partner disconnected. 
If you liked that, then you’re going to love his new blog at Sources say that he’s almost done with his review for Dragonage 2. As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to rate, comment and subscribe! If you’re really bored, do the same for every post in this blog too. 8D

One response

  1. VeRdiKT

    Here are some of the best troll conversations I’ve saved. Hope it cracks you up XD

    Stranger: hey im 19 m uk looking for a girl my age to talk too 😛
    You: im a girl
    You: 🙂
    Stranger: age?
    You: 18
    Stranger: where from
    You: america
    You: you?
    Stranger: cool
    Stranger: suck dick?
    You: yeah
    Stranger: big black 1z?
    You: 1z?
    You: oh
    Stranger: ones
    You: definitely
    You: love em
    Stranger: yer
    Stranger: big an juicy yer?
    Stranger: lots of sperm waiting for u
    You: neat
    You: however theres one thing you should know
    You: i have a dick too
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.


    Stranger: hi
    Stranger: 24 m norway
    You: hey
    You: 15 f india
    You: arranged marriage?
    Stranger: sure
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.


    You: Do you hate Twilight? I do.
    Stranger: yes i hate it
    Stranger: it ruins everything previous history has tried to make vampires
    You: But what if vampires were shown to be loving creatures..
    You: then would Satan and the antichrist be next?
    Connection imploded.


    Stranger: Hi.
    You: Hello
    Stranger: ASL?
    You: 100 m afghanistan
    You: good to know you
    You: this is the time where you hit the disconnect button
    You: fucking chavs
    Stranger: nope.
    Stranger: I want to know why your a terrorist first.
    You: because i fucked your mom last night
    Stranger: Eww…she’s dead.
    You: heard of necrophilia?
    Stranger: haha
    Stranger: nice.
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.


    Stranger: hi female?
    You: shemale
    Stranger: gross
    You: kinky
    You: ever imagine dildo with lady
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.


    You: Hey
    Stranger: hello
    You: I wanna have a one night stand
    You: Tips?
    Stranger: be suave
    You: but im only 14
    Stranger: how old is the girl ya want?
    You: 16
    You: she has double Ds
    You: :D:D
    Stranger: sweet talk her
    You: HORNY
    You: HORNY
    You: HORNY
    You: HORN Y
    You: FOR YOU
    You: H for Horny for you
    Stranger: im a guy
    You: who cares?
    You: lets fuck
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.


    March 28, 2011 at 7:03 pm

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