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Hatin’ on the RH Bill… again.

The debate continues. Everyday I’m seeing more and more priests coming on TV talking out against it, and more and more politicians fighting for it during newscasts. The RH Bill dust still hasn’t settled and people are still pushing for it. Here’s the funny part — don’t you ever notice that this whole thing looks like a monopoly of power? The priests (Catholic or Protestant) hold immense control over the populous, giving them instructions on how to live their lives based on the account of God being happy with a certain types of action. Cash? Keep that shit in the donation box and God thinks you’re a nice guy. Safety? Take some religious artifacts to keep you out of harm’s way.

Listen to Lady Gaga? BuRn iN HeLL!

Let’s look at the other side. The people advocating it are powerful politicians and free-thinking people who think the notion of religion as a defense is ridiculous. Indeed so: the fact that the Church threatened to ex-communicate every single fucking idiot involved in pushing for the RH Bill is a little bit of a (okay fine maybe a really dirty) low-blow to supporters. Problem is, if we actually look at this in a larger perspective, we can see the danger of the RH Bill and how, supporter or not, we (the common population) are getting fucked from all sides.

      The matter of the fact is that neither side is actually concerned about babies or population or any of that shit. What each side is concerned about, is power. See it from any side’s socio-political perspectives: if the bill gets passed, the masses will start accepting the fact that religion is not really an integral part of their lives, thereby reducing the Church’s credibility; however, if the bill doesn’t go through, we prove that the Church’s hold over the Filipino populace is absolute, that the Senate can go fuck themselves with whatever they’re deciding to pass without the Church’s permission. Yes, in my personal opinion, I believe that the Church nor the State cares whether you have a lot of kids, nor do they care about giving you all sex education. They want to show each other who’s boss.

Did I mention they were also passing around a fucking divorce bill?

'Til Death or a lenient unrelated-to-Church judicial system do us part.

This guy doesn’t give up does he? The ‘again’ in the title should indicate that were was a previous post to this. If I could just… ah! Here it is. He just liked being hipster and went against the common opinion in school. Check out on why he didn’t think the RH Bill should be passed, and prepare to start laughing.


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