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Under New Management

Good day,

I am Harish Rajpal, and I am pleased to announce that this site is now under new management. The site’s original owner, dancingwithknives, has decided to focus on his studies. Be assured he will be posting from time to time, but not in the same frequency as he used to.


— The blog is now a public blog, in where you may submit whatever you desire. A segment of your life, a story you need to share, an opinion you want to express.

— We’re looking for bloggers to submit articles which may correlate to anything: Video games, cuisine, etc. You do not have to be good in whatever you write, nor do you have to have the know-how behind your topic. IF you’re passionate, we’re interested. Please send all of your documents to dancingwithknives’ email address: He will contact you from there.

— Dancingwithknives’ posts will still be kept in the site.



Thank you for taking your time to read this. Again, I encourage anyone and everyone seeing this to try sending us your posts. It really does not matter whether you can blog properly or not. We would just like to let your voice be heard. We’d like everyone to give in a Different Perspective about this world we live in.

– Harish Rajpal


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