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Malate Literary Folio (Part 2)

I came out of the exam hall feeling shaken. I was the first to start, yet last to leave. My sweaty palms washed themselves under the cold tap water, situated in the men’s room.The heat and the sweat disappeared along with my hopes of passing the exam. Read the rest of this page »


Malate Literary Folio

If you’ve been chatting with me everyday, then you’ll know what I mean by the title. You see, a few days ago I signed up for a kind of literary club, in where the requirements were nerve-wracking! Read the rest of this page »

Politics… ehhh what do I know about that?

Y’know, I’ve just noticed a relation with this blog and real life. For some reason, ever since I started this blog, my ‘fuck’ count has been increasing along with other inventive, colourful words. Read the rest of this page »

Oh God he shows up again D8

Yes my ‘loyal’ fans(by ‘loyal’ I mean people who don’t give a fuck), I’m back once again from a really gay reason for a hiatus. Now why did I leave you all hanging at Christmas? Uhhh… well… my scanner broke? Read the rest of this page »

Jingle Bells (and you thought I’d say ‘Balls’)

Ok guys, it’s Christmas time. A time for celebration, a time for having fun, a time to think about why the fuck do we bother to live through each year. Now I normally would do a blog post every week, but heck, it’s Christmas! Read the rest of this page »

7 ways the Internet fucked us up (Part 2)

Wow. It’s been a long time. Well, peoplewho’veforgottenaboutmyblog, my stresses are finally over and I’m back! Yep, no more exams, projects and fervently texting people! I’m a free man/boy/child/creature! And so, I shall continue where I had left off: Read the rest of this page »

7 ways the Internet fucked us up

So I’ve adopted a new method. Yep, instead of whining like a little bitch in one or two huge ass paragraphs, I’ll list down my whiny bitching into tiny ass paragraphs. Huh… I seem to have gotten a lot of errors in my last post. Anyways, on to the show. Read the rest of this page »