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A long time isn’t it? Yeah well, it gets like this every end of the term. Hectic, trying to do shit at the last minute. To keep you up-to-date: I’ve been doing a whole lotta papers for English, working on some papers for Philosophy, and am trying to record a video related to the RH Bill. It kind of sucks I have to refute it with a religious connotation though; however, for our sakes I’ll try to use logic and reasoning.

So last post was practically some heavy shit going on, and heck, I bet all of you got bored with all the crappy seriousness. Today’s post is kinda different from the rest, and I really hope you guys enjoy it.  (more…)


A little chat on philosophy

A basic topic in philosophy is ‘the brain in a vat’ theory. As the name suggests, it’s about a brain being placed in a container.

What if we pull a scenario out of a science-fiction novel? Let us say there is a scientist that takes an alive brain from a recently deceased man, and he keeps it in a vat. He then proceeds by plugging up wires and other stuff into the brain, sending electro-pulses and what not to make the brain think it’s a real live human being in a not-so-imaginary world.

This could be our reality

What if the computer you’re gazing at was a figment of your imagination? Or the very words that you read from this page? What if every informational statement you know and trust, was nothing more than a creation of some guy operating a machine? The very idea of the ‘brain in a vat’ theory goes against all of our veiws and perspectives of life, time, everything. Imagine if you woke up the next day, your fingers missing, but you could by some unexplainable reason, pick up objects. What if your mere existence is nought but a lie?

Interesting Fact- Will Smith was offered the role of Neo, but turned it down for 'The Wild Wild West'

The theory is more popularily known from a franchise called ‘The Matrix’… of course everybody has either watched, or at least known about the movie. ‘The Matrix’ uses the theory as a base for their story line, but this isn’t the first instance of this theory arising. The theory goes back to the 17th century, when some dude called Rene Descartes was studying his statement ‘cogito ergo sum’. His method of studying that philosophical statement was to discard any bias feelings, and play devil’s advocate. He mentioned that he’ll act as if a ‘demon’ created the things around him, illusions only to decieve him into giving bias conclusions to his study. Of course, he didn’t know at that time that this very method of studying might as very well be real life. Due to our computers and studies conducted in bio engineering, it seems plausible that a person could keep the brain in suspended animation. So think about it, do you think we’re living in a fantasy world?