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Did the title catch your attention? Good. Cause that’s what we’re gonna talk about x). Now the term ‘Fuck’ originated from a poem called ‘Flen flyys’ in where the poet encoded his whole poem, due to the possibility of the Church fucking his backside for improper use of language. The poem written in 1475 used ‘fuck’ for the purpose of sexual intercourse. That’s right, ‘fuck’ was for sexual intercourse. Of course you all probably knew that. That’s why we all go around using it don’t we?

Fuck my life- I want you to have sex with something I don’t have

Fuck You- I would like to rape you for being an annoying dickhead

Oh my fucking God- He Who is Almighty has regular sex


Awwww... He's so like Jesus =')

Now why am I telling you this? Oh yea because a friend of mine had earlier given me an article, in where a vicar claims that we should all swear 8) No, not swear like, ‘I swear that…’ or some shit like that, but swear as in, ‘Top of the fucking morning to you!’

Reverend Michael Land claims that Jesus was born from a poor background and did not mingle with the Pharisees, and so, he had colorful launguage. Here’s the link for you guys:

Well, I didn’t have a topic for today, so you guys enjoy this laugh for now, and maybe later I might post something interesting. So have a good fucking morning, and I hope God blesses every fucking one of you (man, I’m so going to Heaven for this).