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A long time isn’t it? Yeah well, it gets like this every end of the term. Hectic, trying to do shit at the last minute. To keep you up-to-date: I’ve been doing a whole lotta papers for English, working on some papers for Philosophy, and am trying to record a video related to the RH Bill. It kind of sucks I have to refute it with a religious connotation though; however, for our sakes I’ll try to use logic and reasoning.

So last post was practically some heavy shit going on, and heck, I bet all of you got bored with all the crappy seriousness. Today’s post is kinda different from the rest, and I really hope you guys enjoy it.  (more…)


Man boobs

What a morning! I woke to the sound of scratching upon my door, of keys randomly being fitted into my lock. My brother and cousin were still sleeping heavily (due to them playing Fable until 6 in the morning) and I got out of bed to open the door. The floor was cold, the air stung my skin, and all this while I tried to keep my balance. ‘Coming!’ I opened the door to see my mom standing with fury in her face, ‘Mornin”

This was what could've been going on in my mind at that time

‘Morning! Morning! What were you doing last night?! HUH?!?!’

My mind’s cogs slowly turned, trying to work towards the memory bin. Last night. Last night. Let’s see… I watched TV, I was drawing a few pictures, I drank coke, oogled my new PS3 game… Nope, nothing out of the ordinary. But all this time while I was thinking, my mom was unplugging everything my cousin’s laptop was attached to- the power source, the internet cable and his Ipod. ‘Uh. Mommy? What’s going on?’

‘What were you watching in this laptop?!’

What? Watching? Why was she so interested? Hmmm. I was… oh yea! We were watching Borat in the morning for lunch! Oh shit. Yea. My aunt came inside in the scene where Borat’s ass was showing… but wait. Lemme see first. ‘Um. We were watching a movie.’

‘Yahhh! A bold movie, noh?’ (Please note: A bold movie means pornography)

‘No! No! It wasn’t one of those-‘ She stormed off with the laptop, without giving me time to explain. After an investigation, I found out that the reason why my mom took the laptop was because my aunt that

Yea, look at that hairy, sexy pornstar

walked in, yea, she saw the fat guy (there was a fat guy there) and thought it was a woman exposing her breasts. What.the.fuck. It’s a fat dude, with body hair! 

Now I was officially screwed, and my cousin did the smartest  thing ever. No really, it was smart, I’m not being sarcastic. He ran into my sister’s room, and called out to his mom. He explained the ‘boob’ situation and surprisingly, his mom (my aunt) turned into our spokesperson, convincing everyone that it wasn’t porn. And it worked! But I still can’t believe it. They thought that that person was a woman. Even after looking at the hair on his face and chest…